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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Anthrax and Security

In the middle of a wild week last week, I got a call that turned out to be from BBC (London) -- they wanted to do an update story on anthrax after Dr. Ivins committed suicide before being indicted. Apparently they found my Fox 26 piece on anthrax from 2001.

So I ended up going by two radio stations to tape a couple minutes for the BBC radio news. I have no clue where it is on the Internet. Is this the end of the Anthrax killer? Maybe that one, but in the meantime we've created a bigger threat - over 14,000 people with access to weapons grade anthrax, in our own labs!

Meanwhile, another piece was released by KUHF radio at:

I thought it was really clever how Mr. Rice came up with the terms: "Plastic instead of Plywood" as a title. I had never seen it put that way before, but it was descriptive. It's a specialty polyvinyl basically, but it boils down to high-tech plastic replacing outmoded plywood. It's like moving up from a Model T to a Prius.

I was in 3 cities last week. In Galveston, I saw how it looks from the inside with a boarded up window - not nice. I have attached it. Imagine how dark it would be with ALL windows boarded-up in a storm - and no power...Tell me you prefer plywood after seeing it (and imagine trying to put it on a 2nd floor window in the wind)...

So, here is a picture of the alternative - It is a photo looking through a glass door which has our window film replacing shutters and the University of Houston.

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