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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Preparing For GUSTAV - But City May Not Be

Clear Lake is like glass this morning – hardly a ripple. It’s not often that the water looks like a silver mirror.

Yesterday one of our crew was installing our Clear security film (it screens out 99% of cancer-causing UV) on the windows of a house overlooking Galveston Bay (first photo). We’ll see what these scenes look like after GUSTAV has his way with those of us living on the Gulf coast.

Two cities called me Thursday, wanting to meet Friday. I told that was impossible--will do it next week. Then Channel 11 called at one point yesterday, looking for a place downtown where they could see the security film in action.

The closest one I knew of was the building Armor Glass did for the University of Houston (their Emergency Ops building) – which they thought was too far to go. LOL.

Channel 11 mentioned the Metro building – but I was informed by people who know that the film purchased for Metro and IAH airport was NOT Miami-Dade certified!

In other words, the non-certified film that was put on the airport (and Metro) to protect from glass shrapnel has not passed the official hurricane performance test and very well could fail next week -- and could well result in injuries that would not happen if it had been Miami-Dade certified material.

In short, someone took advantage of the city and gave them the illusion of security by using cheap, uncertified material. I blame the contractors, not the city, for that. Why pay tons of money for something that could fail to protect as intended? That is why the film was applied to Metro and the airport - to protect people! It could fail in GUSTAV.

My Armor Glass company refuses to sell any material that is not Miami-Dade certified. My condo has it on the doors – IF it is still in existence after GUSTAV.

Stay tuned.

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