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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

TS Edouard - A Dud. We got lucky. Many were unprepared

TS Edouard is a Dud. We got lucky. Many people were unprepared - they didn't even bother putting up plywood. Had Edouard intensified into a Cat 1-2, the damage would have been substantial.

It proves again why it makes more sense to use permanent security film to protect windows than relying on putting up-taking down-putting up Plywood. Most people this time simply didn't bother doing it. When we do get hit by a "Big One" the wind-borne debris hitting their unprotected windows will result in structural failures and injuries that could have easily been avoided with our safety/solar film.

In fact, it was a freak storm with high-speed winds a couple of days BEFORE Edouard that was tossing my balcony furniture towards my sliding glass doors. The winds came from nowhere, from a strange front that moved in the opposite direction of our usual fronts. Had I not jumped, the furniture would have hit the windows. If I had normal windows without security film, the apartment and my computers, papers, etc. would have been damaged by glass, water and wind.

But if it had hit, the glass would have cracked but the security film would have kept it from breaching into the space. We would still be high and dry - with film between us inside and the broken glass.

The difference between plywood and our Armor Glass'plastic' film is the difference between a Model T and a Prius.

Video: Compare this docile Edouard to the freak storm video in the previous entry...

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