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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Houston

A couple nights ago I was invited by the kind folks at Huber Optik to join them for the 172nd birthday party for Houston at the GR Brown. For some reason I didn't see anything in the media about it.

The first person I bumped into was the very nice Council woman Anne Clutterbuck. Then I bumped into Mayor White. I told him that it was great to have a really GREEN Mayor. I meant it. He seemed pleased by that. I like having a leader with a green drive - save energy, do things more efficiently.

We completed our first building at the University of Houston, making their Emergency Ops building more secure. We are also finishing up the John Manlove Communications building with our Solar Security film.

In the latter, when the sun was out our installer held a BTU meter next to the window - the sun was Hot and the meter was hitting 100 to 111 BTU's. When the Solar Security film was put behind it, the BTU reading dropped to 30 or below. There are photos on the Armor Glass website.

That means that our film is cutting 2/3's of the heat from the building, which has to cut energy costs. The film will eventually pay for itself, unlike most other things that go on buildings that I am aware of.

I agree with the Mayor that we need to improve our building codes. I hope the next Mayor will be as "Green" as Mayor White has been(even if the name is Brown). Ok, it's a pun, since one of the candidates is Peter Brown. lol.

I have been traveling almost constantly. Anything is possible.

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