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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Glaciers Then and Now - You Decide. Growing or shrinking?

Ok, Skeptics and those convinced we are in a global 'cooling' period. Here are several glacier shots, then and now. Do these glaciers look like they are growing (from cooling), or shrinking (from warming)....?

First up, the Matterhorn (left photo) in 1960 and then in 2009.

Next picture (right), Glacial National Park in 1938 (left side) and in 2005 (right side).

Do these ice caps appear to be growing - or shrinking?


Wysi said...

Interesting for sure. I believe the bottom pictures, now and then, are the same but if the top are both the matterhorn they are from different sides completely.

But again if photos are untouched, it is the lack of snow that is conveying your message.

Texas Viking said...

Valid point. I checked google Earth but that image was from 1997. Then I found a live webcam, showing it right now, in winter. It's winter and blowing snow at the moment, but it doesn't have much snow. In the summer it will look like the second photo. We'll check the live webcam again in August...

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