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Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Most Critical Issue To Our Future - If We Are to Have One...

Don't let the cold fool you. Here are graphs of both co2 and temperatures - and the trend is spiking way above the "normal" cycle. The second one is by the National Science Academy, showing both co2 and temperatures are spiking dramatically up.

Freak weather is part of the pattern of climate change. The next graph shows that yes, you will have drops in temperature along the way, but temperature trend is UP.

We can disagree on medical issues and a lot of other things and whatever happens is not that important compared to thie climate issue.

If the climate change people are wrong, we end up with cleaner, greener energy, water and air. If the climate skeptics are wrong, the air overheats, the ice is lost and the planet is toast, along with our grandchildrens' future.

Which is worse?

To fix the climate threat now would only take an annual U.S. investment of $17 billion per YEAR. We spend $12 billion a MONTH on Iraq.

If our kids and grandkids don't have a livable planet, what happens in Iraq or Afghanistan will hardly matter.

Enjoy the cold while you can - it's been a decade since we had one of these (remember, it used to be cold EVERY year). It won't be long when even cold snaps are a thing of the past unless we take action. It will have to be a global effort.


uncertainhorizon said...

I do not understand how people can deny that Global Warming exists! I mean the proof is in the pudding as they say. I wish the United States would seriously work harder to lower our dependence on Greenhouse gasses, and at least work more seriously to get to the point that some European countries have reached.

Anonymous said...

It sure is cold outside. What happened to that global warming thing anyway? I've been idling my car all day everyday trying to warm up the earth and still it's cold outside. I don't know what else I can do.

Robbiesews said...

Let's see--$12 billion a month in Iraq versus a $17 billion a year investment to combat global climate change--and if we're wrong about global climate change, we'll end up with a much cleaner, healthier planet? Why are we even debating this?