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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rise of the COFFEE Party! Fixing the World over a Cup of Joe

Are you feeling like it is all about the blame game? That nothing gets done in DC without bickering and blame?

We have Democrats, Republicans, Independents - and a "Tea Party" that seems fueled by anger and requires a rigidity in thought that the Taliban would feel right at home with, so I figured it was time for a whole NEW party.

I'm calling it the COFFEE Party (aka the Caffeine Party). Our slogan is "We can fix the world over a good cup of Joe."

Instead of having blame and "no" as the rules - the coffee party's central tenet is that only by sitting down with people we don't know, over a coffee or even a meal, we could address the serious issues of our day like adults - and actually FIX things.

I know that sounds pretty radical - FIXING things instead of playing the political blame game.

But it is the only thing that will do what most Americans want: to fix things! We have a fiscal mess brought on by a decade of fiscal madness, borrow and spend tied to new entitlements like the unfunded Plan D of (2006?). We can't fix it with a know-nothing party or a party of no or a party of hate and anger.

We can only fix things if we sit down together in a calm manner and start doing intelligent work. While Democrats and Republicans engage in a war with each other, the rest of the world is passing us by in their distraction. We need less politics and more action from BOTH sides towards REAL solutions instead of slogans.

All it takes to join the Coffee Party is a willingness to sit down with others over a cup of joe and start talking. Having an argument while a Tsunami approaches (from financial disaster to climate disaster that impacts our existence), doesn't make sense. Both parties will drown if we don't start addressing issues like rational adults - on all sides.

The Coffee Party wants you! Actually, we want the common sense middle Americans, not the radicals on either extreme and their inability to relate to anyone outside their narrow circle.

I think the common sense middle is a majority of Americans I'd like to sit down with a good cup of Joe to start finding solutions for our country's next great century of progress in a rapidly changing world.

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