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Sunday, January 31, 2010

S. Court Lets Places Like China, Venezuela Pick our Next Congress

Are you ready for future American leadership being picked with the help of ads run by foreign dictators?

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations, even foreign ones, to pour millions into American political campaigns opens the door to some fascinating possibilities.

Imagine this real possibility made possible by this ruling. China. Instead of their government having a big political row over the U.S. selling arms to Taiwan, China simply takes part of the trillions in U.S. debt it bought in the last decade and invests it in Congressional races on candidates it feels would be more "favorable" in future votes.

Why have a diplomatic dust up when for a modest investment from their trillions anti-democratic Chinese leadership can attack or favor any U.S. Senator or Congress candidate they want? In the future you won't know if "XYZ" corporation buying ads is controlled by whom, so it won't be obvious who is pulling the strings.

The Supreme Court has even made it possible that someone like Venezuela's Hugo Chavez could run ads that favor Candidate X or Y or Z for Congress. Remember Chavez? He's the nut case running Venezuela who thinks Castro is cool and copies him by shutting down opposition TV stations, newspapers, etc.

Under the Supreme Court's ruling, Mr. Chavez' corporations are treated just like Joe and Jane Voter. Don't forget, Mr. Chavez has has an American subsidiary, CITGO, which can support or attack any American candidates they want. Your fill ups add to his buying power.

You won't know which one of these foreign leaders is pulling the chains on America's elections. As an attorney I know how easy it is to set up a corporation and mask its ownership.

This 5-4 decision that breaks 100 years of precedent. It means that future elections by Americans will no longer be between Americans when the winning candidates are picked and funded by corporate interests from around the world.

I wonder who the corporations in the other 200 countries in the world would like sitting in our Congress tomorrow?

Thanks to the Supreme Court's ruling that makes the Constitution "by the Corporation, of the Corporation and for the Corporation", American voters will have their decisions influenced by what the global corporations want - unless you tell Congress to do something about it.

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