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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mass/Texas - No More One Party Monopolies. Avoiding the China Syndrome

It's foggy here on Clear Lake today - can't even see across it - but the fog seems to be clearing in Washington and Texas where its becoming crystal clear that this will NOT be a normal political year.

From the new Senator Brown to a possible Texas Governor Medina from a third party makes this a fascinating year to watch

What happened in Massachusetts - the breaking of a single party stranglehold on office is also happening here in Texas. And that's good for both states.

Why? Because single party states are monopolies on power where cronyism and corruption set in and the real decision is made by a few voters in a March primary instead of the general public in November. A single-party State is no different than the single-party Chinese State dictating policy without any opposition to temper excesses.

Let's face it: The Democrat left overplayed its hand and people are more comfortable with Centrism then either the ideas of either extreme (left or right).

In Texas, we have a three-way battle for the GOP Governor nomination, including a candidate that represents independents, disgruntled Republicans, tea baggers and Libertarians to boot - Deborah Medina.

So instead of the race being two candidates trying to out-right-wing each other for the primary voters, the first debate between the three brought out discussions on legalizing drugs and giving ownership of our roads to foreign companies. I hope Belo Corporation changes it mind and allows Ms. Medina to join the next GOP Governor debate now that polls show her over 10%.

Have you ever seen an airplane fly on only its left or right wing? No. It only flies when there is a balance between the two. Massachusetts needs a break from the Democrat lock and places like Texas need a break from the GOP lock in order to give voters more choice and more than extreme candidate No. 1 vs. extreme candidate No. 2.

Breaking the one party monopoly on elections, which is happening in Texas before it happened in Massachusetts, is the only way to avoid the "China Syndrome."

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Anonymous said...

"The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.
---Senator Ted Kennedy, 1980.