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Friday, July 22, 2005

Congress and Terrorism

The second bombing in London in two weeks has brought terrorism back to the front page.

So where are we now, nearly four years after 9 11?

According to members of the 9 11 Commission, Congress has left us vulnerable by failing to follow all their recommendations:

1. Congress still has not passed a law so that First Responders can talk to one another on different communications systems. So the police and firefighters at a scene can't talk.

2. We are doing little to secure nuclear materials worldwide.

3. We still don't have a single "Watch" List - (so immigration may not know they just let in someone the CIA considers high risk)

4. Billions are being wasted by spending money protecting low risk targets instead of applying the funds where the risk is (Houston's port gets less money while some little town that Al Qaida couldn't find on a map gets more).

The 9 11 commission members said it best: "Congress has failed to make the tough choices required on priorities."

I think Congress has, once again, ignored the obvious.

Congress does what the major leader dictates -- playing pork barrel politics with our security and failing us on priorities, border security, securing nuclear material, etc. The American public will pay the price for this shortsighted is dangerous.

This same "leadership" failed to see 9 11 coming - DeLay focused on impeaching a President when Al Qaida bombed American targets in 1993 (WTC the first time), 1996, 1998 and 2000....instead of requiring the CIA and FBI to share their watch lists with immigration, etc.

I wrote an article on how to address these bombings at my Global American yahoo site yesterday:


Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

1. Congress now has the power to regular local police and fire? My goodness, my copy of the Constitution doesn't show that delegated power!

2. Unsubstantiated assertion. Evidence? What would you change?

3. We don't have secure borders on our southern flank.

4. Unsubstantiated assertion. Evidence?