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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Westar admits paying $25,000 for Golf with DeLay

Kansas based Westar has admitted in court documents that it paid $25,000 to play golf with Mr. DeLay.

It is the first admission of wrongdoing in DeLay's "pay to play" abuse of power. It is the worst form of Washington corruption.

In my opionion, DeLay is damaging the image of the GOP nationally as a direct result of his fast-and-loose ethics. I want to change this.

Isn't a Congressman's job to meet with companies and individuals without demanding a fee? I thought so.

But then maybe I'm just too old-fashioned because I believe in ethics and playing by the rules instead of DeLay's game of "how close to the edge can we get without falling off?"...

According to Westar, DeLay has fallen off.

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