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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Proposed Solutions

A reader named Matt made a legitimate point in his comment. He said people need to know more than that I don't like the incumbent (why else run against him, right?).

Fair enough. That is why this blog exists.

You'll find that I focus on solutions and bridge building. I'm a trained international negotiator (starting with the Fortune 500). You don't form agreements without it.

An example of that is today's release how to change NASA strategy to continue operations yet avoid another crew loss. It is at my Global American yahoo Group site.

If you join you'll find plenty of articles on different issues. I try to provide the pubic with insight on complex issues around the world that affect all of us. I would do the same as Congressman.

I am a fiscal conservative and always strive for fairness and justice. I believe it is better to think ahead and avoid the tragedy rather than dealing with the pieces after the train wreck. It's better to change direction of the Titanic than to hit the iceberg.

That is why I wrote to NASA.

And that is why, if I had been the majority leader, I would have created an energy bill that actually did something for our future and help avoid the shortages we experienced in the 70’s instead of merely lining the pockets of DeLay’s friends who are already making record profits. This bill will provide no energy security, unfortunately. Where does it cut consumption, ramp up renewable energy sources or raise car mileage standards?

It is raw pork not substance. Is that leadership? We continue to guzzle our way towards another energy shortage iceberg. More on that and other issues later.

In the meantime please join me to pray for the safe return of the Discovery crew... Comments on my proposed NASA solution are welcome.

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