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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Prez Bush: Appoint Women to Supreme Court

It's official - we are losing our first woman Supreme Court justice, Ms. Sandra O'Connor.

While most argue about whether the next justice should be conservative or moderate, the real point is that the next justice should be a woman, for one very good reason.

Of 9 justices, only 2 are women - in a population that is over 50% female. Having 8 men and 1 woman on the court dilutes the voice of women on critical issues that concern us all.

So, I request President Bush appoint a woman to replace Justice O'Connor.

Future Presidents should keep appointing qualified women to the court until there are at least four, or five, female justices -- to reach parity with the males that make up only one half of the population.

If I were President, I'd replace Ms. O'Connor with one of the many talented women judges out there...

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