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Monday, July 11, 2005

London Terror Attack - What Next?

My deepest condolences to the families of the Londoner's killed or injuried on the 7 7 attack.

I wrote about it in my Global American series at:

I think it is article #95.

Oddly, I had just talked to a Rotary Club about this issue, and global business developments, a few days before the attack. Some looked quite shocked by what I said - and that was before the attack.

The U.S. is still acting like a blind giant on Homeland Security. Congress has turned spending into pork barrel politics instead of using the monies where it is needed the most.

Giving money so little towns in Iowa or Alabama can buy traffic cones for "homeland security" instead of Houston chemical plants, etc. is ineffective, shortsighted and guaranteed to generate billions in waste. And it won't protect us.

I recently heard the Sheriff of Ft Bend County speak to a GOP ladies group about it. He said the federal government gave him a bunch of money and a shopping list. The Sheriff told them (the feds) we didn't need any of it –they had already bought what they needed with prior funding.

But the feds insisted he "take it or it goes to someone else." So he had to take it.

All I could think of was "a Republican government forcing people to take gov't money or lose it." Whoa! I thought the GOP was supposed to be different from the big spending Democrats? Now it is a distinction without a difference. This is the way of DeLay.

DeLay’s Republican leadership has lost its way when it forces pork barrel waste over substance in homeland security. The bill is all fat and no protein. Mr. DeLay's consent to these superficial laws that waste huge sums while still leaving us vulnerable just don't make sense to me -- London won't be the last target.

Read the Global American article if you want to see "the big picture" on some solutions that are not pork barrel.

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