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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Emergency Planning - Pick One, NOT a Committee

I have to agree with Gov. Perry, who said that our area needs to pick ONE person to be in charge to manage future catastrophes that may strike the region, such as another hurricane.

I can’t imagine having another Hurricane Katrina or Rita coming our way and having to get a 15-person committee to make a decision! Have you ever seen a committee of 15 decide ANYTHING in a TIMELY manner? The storm would be here and gone before that happened.

We need to pick 1 person to be in charge to manage any future disasters – anyone, that is, other than Michael Brown (former FEMA director). We don’t need someone worrying about how his shirt looks on TV when a CAT 4 hurricane is blowing through…


MocitySense said...
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MocitySense said...

And that man should be you. Mike you are so smart yet you have never had one original thought in your life. Please go back and hide under a rock you are used up, done, finished. You constantly talk about Tom DeLay and how he got drunk with power yet you are drunk with power over a blog that 15 (and I am being generous here) read and most of them read it to laugh at you. God only knows how much worse you would be if you had ever been elected even to a lowly MUD director or HOA rep.

Your a joke but you really help me when I am down and out I read your blog and know that someone has it worse than me. Thanks for being crazy and good luck with the nomination for Congressman for 22 no doubt you will not be the choice again. You constantly talk about wanting Delay to listen to the people of D 22 why don't you over and over we have sent you a message loud and clear.... WE DO NOT WANT go away. You have had more than enough chances.

Texas Viking said...

Mo City:

Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't want to be the emergency czar. I think it should be someone like Judge Eckels who did a great job with Mayor White last year.

I'm drunk with power over a blog? LOL. I'm glad I offer some humor in your life...