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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Where From Here?

Thanks to "WhipDeLay" etc for your comments. Where from Here?

Good question. It appears a Special Election is coming up and I see a million candidates will be running for District 22 now that DeLay is riding off into the sunset a step ahead of the posse (OK I’m exaggerating slightly on the numbers) .

As DeLay dodges the Fed posse, another posse of candidates will be vying to replace him, each with contacts in only one portion of the district or another – or none. This district covers parts of FOUR counties. Sugar Land is about 11% and folks in Pearland and Clear Lake and Rosenberg view the world differently – and don’t necessarily like Sugar Land hogging the limelight.

So it could be a free for all. Ironically, the only people with exposure in all of the 4-county district are the three of us who just finished the primary.

However, as news of people jumping in have spread, I see this could shape up as a ZOO with a "cast of thousands" running on the GOP side -- splitting the vote -- leaving the Democrat with a plurality. I see no use putting myself through that, fans notwithstanding...


fanoftom said...

Wrong AGAIN!!! There will not be a special election. That's not the proper procedure in a case like this. Where on earth do you get your information?!?!?

Repfor22 said...

Mike I hate to get serious with you but do you really think you have a chance. You have lost 4 times. You went to churches all over the district and handed out business cards with stupid catch phrases during the primary.

I hate to be mean here but come on man its time to just say NO. You are so fixated on Tom DeLay you can't even see that you CANNOT WIN.

Tom Campbell beat you and he is a pathetic excuse for a candidate, who got all his BYU college crony friends to come down here and work election day.

Kids are stupid, and it seems you might not all be there, if you think you were going to beat Tom DeLay because a group of kids told you so.... I can’t even finish that statement Mike you get the idea.

Listen man you seem like a good guy, but you are getting way too wrapped up in this. How many signatures do you think you will really get? WhipDeLay and his Honda driving brothers’ signatures.

Put a counter on your website prove me wrong but I think you might get 10 hits a week.

You have to crawl before you walk, take this time to run for local office and work you way up. Even though you can't get off that Tom DeLay ran a pest control business he was in the Texas Legislature for numerous years.

Tom DeLay is gone its time to stop writing about him man up and do something. I don’t know what you will do because by what you say you practiced law in the 1970’s and you can’t beat anyone except Pat Baig, but she neither here nor there. Its all about being a realist Tom DeLay realized a good strong conservative could beat a Democrat hands down in 22, and stepped down. Its time to face it bud its not the 1970’s, Tom DeLay did more for the district that you live in than anyone else could or will, you would rather back a homosexual loving, bordering opening, tax increasing, and worst of all Nancy Pelosi backing candidate. Than a man who lowered taxes, fought for freedom, backed NASA 100%, and many other things great things for the district.

You can sure complain about him, but I bet you enjoy everything he has done for the district. He is the most investigated man in Washington and nothing has been found on him. Its called being effective and Democrats doing everything in there power to stop it. Ronnie Earle has investigated Kay Bailey Hutchison and found nothing. It’s all about partisan politics.

Shame on You

Texas Viking said...


I get information from FACTS. Congress reps are replaced by Special Election, not appointment. It's in the Constitution. They can appoint a "candidate" but if TD steps down as a member of Congress, its a free for all Special Election Dudes!

Note the last part of the blog has been modified. I took the comment to mission was done when DeLay bowed out. It is time for me to move on to other things beyond District 22...

fanoftom said...

Wrong AGAIN!!!! There will only be a special election if the Governor calls for one. and the chances of that happening are pretty low since it will ultimately hurt our party.

And the next Republican candidate will be chosen by a committee of precinct chairmen. Do your homework.