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Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Legacy - Fear of DeLay is now GONE -

My legacy is that of being the first one who broke the fear of not running against DeLay in the GOP primary, when I first ran in 2000.

In that time I have seen 3 Democrat candidates come and go -- in 2000, 2002, 2004 -- I was there each time. Mr. Lampson is the 4th Democrat that I've seen in the same political year. He is also the last Democrat to oppose DeLay, who is now gone and won't be on the ballot in November.

Running against DeLay at his peak did keep a lot of business from coming my way because people feared DeLay, who made vindictiveness a high art form.

Those who opposed him were punished – he had one lady fired from several jobs. Fear of him kept me from getting jobs that paid six figures a year, including at least one legal job. The law partner wanted to run for judge but he feared DeLay would put a candidate up against him if they hired me. He said he really wanted to hire me but he could risk hurting his law partner. I told him, "I understand."

They fear him no more.

I was deprived of a lot of income when people feared the DeLay hammer. So, I figured that if I couldn’t work at least I could continue campaigning against our own ruthless representative, who changed the boundaries twice in the process. I kept talking about issues DeLay never did – building commuter rail and international issues like terrorism and global trafficking of women as prostitutes, etc. I don’t expect whoever picks DeLay’s replacement as a candidate will pick the guy who fought against DeLay’s corrupt politics for year and predicted 9 11. I don’t expect them to reward someone who kept democratic choice alive in the GOP by running against DeLay at his peak of power instead of jumping on he was weak or fading from the scene. Naw. My prediction is that they will go with the best politician, not the person with the best qualifications such as Homeland Security expertise—despite the fact that Houston is a prime target for both man-made and natural disasters and we must compete in a global economy. Does Congress really need another representative who is great at killing cockroaches or slapping backsides, but is clueless on global threats?

Do we need another politician? I would prefer a leader and a visionary that thinks of the public well being instead of their pocketbook and photo op scrapbook. I have helped get rid of a tyrant and a bully. My focus can now move to community service and negotiating business deals, locally and globally.

I have a lot of catching up to do…the campaigns left a hole in my bank account, but the experience was enriching and rewarding. And DeLay? He'll be pulling in a $67,000/year pension.


fanoftom said...

you give yourself entirely too much credit. Fear of Tom wasn't the reason you weren't getting jobs....why can't you just accept reality and take responsibility for yourself? You blame everyone and everything around you for your personal failures.

And you really need to quit making fun of Mr. DeLay's past as an exterminator. It's a very honorable job and you are insulting everyone in that profession. At the same time, you're showing how incredibly snobby you are.

And who exactly is the woman that Mr. DeLay had fired 6 times?!?! THat's a pretty serious accusation with no back-up.

Repfor22 said...

Really, really Mike do you think you really singled handedly took the "hammer" out. How about Mike the "steamroller" Fjetland. C’mon bud the guy retired because he was tired of the bull. You are really living in the fantasy "Fjetland" you once spoke about.

Why push the blame on everyone else? Mike you know why you didn't get jobs ...... times up here’s a hint check out your blog. No one wants a bitter angry at the entire world guy working for them. Its time to take the training wheels off like an adult and face it, this isn’t a time too talk about DeLay are you stalking him or some weird deal like that because that’s all you can talk about.

Do you have bugs at your house? Or are they so thankful that you the "steamroller" took out DeLay that they don’t even bother messing with your house. You are insulting an entire profession and the thousands of people that work in it. Its service that’s everyone needs and appreciates except you. You keep talking about how broke you are maybe pest control is something you might want to look into. From what you right on your blog it sounds like you don’t do a thing but talk about how bad a retiring man is. (real nice, maybe next you can talk about how ugly kids are since you like talking about them so much) My Grandfather was in the business of pest control and he was a great man so watch what you say because you are really saying some stupid things. I guess you are allot better than people in that profession because you do..........exactly what?

You’re not some terrorism expert either so stop saying you are. You practiced international law (you say) in the 70's, and to be honest some of the pictures look photo shopped but that’s neither here nor there.

DeLay pushed conservative legislation better than anyone before him, and all you can talk about is fear? No its respect people respected him for what he did for District 22. Go sell sorry somewhere else Mike District 22 is all sold out. You didn’t win because people are afraid you'll start crying on the floor of the house like you do here.

Since your all low on money you say and your good at complaining with no solutions try Nick Lampson, or ole Teddy Kennedy you'd fit right in. I am sorry to say you have disappointed me and the great people of this great district. There is a time to stop complaining and do something and that train is long gone my friend. Instead you will type on your blog complain about the conspiracy "Mike Fjetland vs. The World" and that will be a high point in your life. I am hurt Mike.

Shame on you.

Texas Viking said...

somebody had to start it. When I first ran in 2000 people were so amazed a judge candidate came up to me and said: "You have the biggest cojones in Ft Bend County."

I didn't see anyone else doing it on the GOP side. Hello? It gave DeLay the arrogance to move on to Scotland, Abramoff, etc...LOL