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Friday, April 21, 2006

Girls Deserve Better Than This

I was just reading that in India about 10 million girl fetuses were aborted in the past two decades. Sonograms are used to determine the sex of a child – if it is a girl it is often aborted. The government has tried to stop it but it is an old habit

China, with its “one child” policy has the same problem – and a girl shortage as a result.

This is a disturbing situation. These two countries constitute nearly 40% of the world’s total population and will play major roles in our lifetimes. I have been to China and India, many times. They both have changed dramatically in the past 20 years, but this is something that has NOT changed for the better.

It is time to stop killing babies that someone thinks is the “wrong” sex. The practice is as wrong as the wife burnings in India. I’d like to see our policymakers make this one of the issues in our future relations with these important countries…

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