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Monday, April 03, 2006

Mission Accomplished - DeLay withdraws as candidate

After months of pleading that he is innocent, Mr. DeLay announced tonight that he is NOT going to seek re-election after 22 years in office. My mission has been accomplished.

I was stunned. Why now?

Since his ex-aide, Tony Rudy, pled guilty to conspiracy on Friday, it must be related to that. Apparently, Mr. DeLay is not as innocent as claimed. Why else step down now?

Unfortunately, this move deprives the voters of District 22 of picking his replacement, unless a Special Election is called. Without a Special Election, the party picks a replacement, not the people. Standby for developments on this.


fanoftom said...

Sorry, Fjet, but you're wrong again. DeLay made his decision long before Rudy pled guilty. His decision has absolutely nothing to do with the Abramoff case, as you will see in time. Your really think he just made this decision overnight? to completely change his career??? give me a break.

The only mission accomplished is your 4 consecutive losses. Good job.

WhipDelay22 said...

Yeah, he lost 4 times, but he’s not going to lose a fifth because he’s going to run in the TX22 Special AND WIN! Go Captain – go champion for our cause. This is a sign Michael. Be the ball – be the man!!!! Save this district. If you don’t – you’re a coward. Please!