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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

International Justice - Building Democracy a Nail at a Time

Some of the commentators seem to think I should "move on."

They clearly don’t know my real objective is more than about one guy (i.e., DeLay. It is all about International Justice. Don't forget I have been an international negotiator worldwide. I've seen a lot of injustice globally, not just in District 22.

Mr. DeLay just happened to be my local corrupt official that needed to be challenged long before now. He is but one part of our government system that needs replacement and improvement. The improvements need to be more than domestic. They need to be global.

For example, little (i.e., nothing) has been done about the international criminal rings that promise poor, attractive women fake jobs in Europe or the U.S. that force them to become prostitutes in foreign lands. The U.S. is part of that system. Human trafficking is a major part of illegal immigration.

It’s not about me moving on; it’s about some folks out there catching up. I didn’t see anyone else challenging DeLay at his peak, only when he was weak.

DeLay is history but the world remains a mess. Complain at me if you will but we do need a new rep who knows it instead of another clueless Congressman whose knowledge of the world comes from travel brochures. There is much yet to do to make it a better place, domestically and internationally…. The question now is replacing DeLay with a candidate with the skills needed in a world of terrorism and global economics.

I’ve been involved in these issues for decades. That is why I will continue “moving on” and raising these issues, whether I am a candidate or not. I am glad to have the Johnny-come-lately’s showing up, all anxiously wanting to be the new Congress shows that the fear of DeLay is gone.

P.S. For the commentators who didn’t appreciate the symbolism in my recent fence story, I say simply this: we need more fence building, not bridge burning in our government. I found that each nail I drove into each plank made the fence stronger. The difference one nail at a time can make in mending a fence is amazing. I am just one of those nails fighting to strengthen our democratic fences, locally and globally.

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