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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Walking a Mile in Another’s Shoes

It has been rightly said, if you want to learn something about someone, walk a mile in their shoes.

I was reminded of this when our dryer went out -- then the washer died a couple days ago. Forget Iran, THIS is SERIOUS. When the dirty laundry is piling up, is it a world crisis at home. Action can no longer be delayed. We should try this tactic in Washington sometime.

Many Americans have had it so good for so long that they (we) have forgotten what it is like for those who don’t have such luxuries. God just reminded me that it is CRITICAL to have a working washer/dryer to be remotely civilized. One trip to the Washateria was a real eye opening experience for my wife.

We have to find solutions to make civilized things like appliances, clean water, better jobs more accessible – worldwide.

One of those civilized things is the nano-technology product I became involved with --XO Armor. It provides a tangible security for protecting people -- right here, right now. It is a major upgrade to the most vulnerable thing that surrounds us – glass. I am discovering applications worldwide.

Since becoming the accidental Counter Terrorism advisor in 1991, it is amazing how much of our world has become focused on security--necessarily.

I believe that it will remain that way in the space-global-nuclear-nano technology 21st Century.

I will be traveling extensively this year, viewing security from a global perspective.

Tom Friedman's piece today (Jan 31 2007) on Iran should be required reading in Washington. Iran has a long history of protecting its minority Christians and Jews who live there, despite their current weird President. Our other allies don't. We can't afford further mistakes.

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