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Monday, March 10, 2008

FBI Unconcerned in Houston About Hate Crime Using Your Name

Photo: Another hate crime symbol

Hate crimes are at an all time high according to a radio report I
heard yesterday. I found out today from a friend that these lowlife
people even send out hate mail under other peoples' names. Apparently
they aren't willing to use their own identity. I also discovered the
FBI isn't concerned about someone sending it our using your name.

An example I've seen is a 3-page hate rant sent to TV stations like
Houston's ABC 13 calling for "Eradicate the Muslim Vermin" and "Death
to sand N___s" -- and worse). Someone sent it out using the League of
Women Voters as the sender in one mailing. The Democrat Party is
listed on the return address on another mailing. Obviously neither
organization endorses this kind of hate.

The League of Women Voters is nonpartisan and the members are
horrified to see this kind of trash sent out using their name. I'm
sure the Democratic Party feels the same. We clearly have a problem
with hate in America. The attacks aren't limited to Muslims, but
include Latinos, etc.

The League has reported this incident to the FBI, who considers it a
"hate crime." But then the FBI's agent dismissed it, saying: "Our
focus now is national security, not hate crimes." He even tried to refer them back to the Postmaster who referred them to the FBI.

In related news, another top prosecutor of other people for crimes has
just been identified for transporting a woman across state lines for
prostitution, which is a federal crime. Talk about stupid. A former
federal prosecutor should know about the "Mann Act" and putting the
hired lady on a plane from New York to Washington fits the description.

Hate crimes should rank higher than users of prostitutes -- and on a
parity with national security, because without it there is no security
for any of our citizens.

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