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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Resurrection - political and otherwise

One of the best analysis of the current political situation was published by Frank Rich today. I think he hits the nail on the head.

This weekend four (4) of the world's religions are celebrating a special time. "Hindus are celebrating Holi, Christians are celebrating Easter, Muslims are celebrating the birthday of Muhammad, and Zoroastrians (and non-Zoroastrian Iranians and Central Asians) are celebrating Nauroz or the spring equinox." It sounds like a good excuse to make it a long weekend OFF.

Bottom Line: We need to start practicing what we preach. Osama bin laden is threatening the Pope and the Danes are re-opening old wounds by re-publishing the Mohamed cartoons that started riots last year. Chinese troops are shooting Tibetans, suicide bombers are still at work and everyone seems to be focused on poking the other guy in the eye.

and whats this about John McCain talking about Iran training Al Qaida when Iran is Shiite and Al Qaida is Sunni? After it happened several times I have to wonder if age is going to play a bigger role than people realize in this race. Either he forgot his foreign policy experience or it was a deliberate misstatement, which is not something McCain does. Very odd and Not Good.

Folks, we have no where to go but UP.

FYI My Global American Series (or GAS) article released today is entitled: "Why Can President Go to China (Despite Tibet) But Not Iran?" It's so logical you'll think Spock wrote it (maybe not).

Happy Easter...Here's to "Better Times Ahead".

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