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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hypocrites At Law & the 10, whoops 20 Commandments!

NY Governor Eliot Spitzer, who portrayed himself like the famous FBI "Elliott Ness" apparently is not. He was discovered to have paid over $4,300 to buy a hooker in DC --even transporting her across state lines. Gosh, you'd think a prosecutor would know about that being not just a state offense but a federal one as well.

It proves that hypocrites are alive and well in both political parties. As a Democrat and former prosecutor, he is no better than Republican Chuck Rosenthal, Houston's now ex-DA. Call them both "Hypocrites at Law."

The fact Spitzer paid that much money for a prostitute makes him not only a hypocrite but unqualified to hold public office and the peoples' money. I don't feel sorry for the twit one bit. He should go ahead and do one decent thing and resign from his Governor position.

These guys haven't even figured out the first 10 Commandments before the Pope came up with another 10! Add to the list:

Environmental pollution

Genetic manipulation

Accumulating excessive wealth

Inflicting poverty

Drug trafficking and consumption

Morally debatable experiments

Violation of fundamental rights of human nature

Well, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, look out!

I wonder if "accumulating excessive wealth" also applies to those who generate that excessive wealth by giving tax breaks to the tiny top 2% of the population while everyone else gets a lump of coal.

Ummmm. Maybe Gates and Buffet can buy enough carbon credits to get on the right side with God. Even the Southern Baptists have come out against global warming!

On top of that, now I have to wonder what drugs are coming out of the water tap. (Warning: Guys, don't drink the water in San Francisco. The sex hormones are changing the fish. You could come back as a woman!) I wonder if the fact that Philly has over 56 drugs in its water supply might affect their vote! This has not been a dull year.

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