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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Texas convention

For the record, yesterday I attended a Democrat State Convention for Senate District 11, which was at a hall in Pasadena. It was PACKED with people.

Contrary to news reports, I saw a relatively quiet, orderly, fair process -- even though it was LONG and SLOW. I even took a photo of two women, one an Obama and the other a Clinton supporter, who were sharing a smoke outside the convention.

The leaders gave everyone plenty of time to put their delegations together since all of us were scrambling to fill empty delegate slots with alternates. We had one guy who had to go to a funeral before the vote. Luckily he came back in time for the vote.

Amazingly we got to do the business we came for about 1 p.m. The vote in our two linked precincts took less than 5 minutes. The count was 9 Obama and 8 Clinton. Had it been a tie, the decision would have been made with a coin toss. The alternate delegate position automatically went to the runner up. Then those of us who wanted to bail out did, while those who wanted to vote on resolutions could stay. I bailed.

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