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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why Globally Clueless Americans Need an Honest President

Let’s face it. Most Americans know so little about other countries and their people that if the President made a misstatement of fact to Americans, something like “ Al Qaida is working with Iran/Saddam,” they’d believe it. They’d believe it not knowing that Shiites (Iran) and Sunnis (Al Qaida) have hated each other for centuries. About the only thing they might not believe is that Iraq is made of green cheese.

Yet some odd things are coming out...This is why they need an honest President...

The full article is published under today's date at:

By the way, everyone has been assuming the "surge" was working. Actually, it was more of a lull as the Sunni's and Shiites both pulled back. Now the majority Shiites under the Mahdi Army are firing things up again in Basra. All hell could break loose, surge or no surge. That will mean that even an increase in troops cannot keep the lid on if Shiites and Sunnis resume their sectarian killing ways.

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