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Monday, March 17, 2008

Storms, Break Ins and Tornado Protection

Word came by email this morning that Grandmother had passed away - on St. Patrick's Day and during high holy week. For a life-long Catholic like her, it doesn't get any better than that! She had made it to 100 years of age and showed great strength right to the end. It's the end of an era but now she can be with her deceased husband and children "on the other side."

Over the weekend, Atlanta was hit by 'urban tornadoes' that caused glass windows to rain down on Atlanta's streets. CNN's building was hit. Ironically, I had called on them while attending a glass convention last year to introduce them to our security window film that would have provided protection and kept glass from spraying like shrapnel. Their building is all glass and, like many, is an accident waiting to happen. Had it been a car bomb the damage would have been worse.

Yesterday I blogged about protecting NASA employees from a potential hurricane or car bomb after a car mysteriously plowed into its security fence - from the INSIDE.

Armor Glass technology could have also prevented windows from being breached by debris from the falling crane in New York.

Then today there was another story about the drummer for ABBA, who may have been killed by glass that cut his throat after falling into a pane at his house. Armor Glass protection would have protected him and saved his life --putting its nano-tech/film shield between him and the glass.

With all the talk about the lousy economy, people have forgotten about security. But if you are dead or injured from a storm or falling into one of your windows, it won't matter how the economy is doing.

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