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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Centrist Team - Homeland Security During Transition

Good morning Houston. From Seabrook looking to the Kemah bridge. Sunrise the day before Thankgiving.

The stock market improvement appears to be another sign that the President-Elect is making the right moves. Obama is selecting a smart, pragmatic, centrist group.

This is a refreshing change from the extreme ideologues that have been running things. They seemed as if they were stamped in a clone factory. It is also good to know that we aren't replacing right wing nut cases with left wing nut cases. America needs some solid, common sense Centrists making decisions on facts instead of fantasy right now.

That is the group the President-Elect has been selecting. It's a good sign for better days ahead.

In the middle of the worst financial disaster in over seven decades, it is best for America to have a calm, cool, thinking President instead of a panicked leadership throwing 'Hail Mary' passes and talking fear. We need talk of optimism just as Reagan did in the 80's after the 70's bust. We need cooperative action on a world scale not more talk of war. The President-Elect may even be able to work constructively with Russia and China, since their support will be needed to stabilize the world economy and address climate change.

Obama's statements and appointments have been the one thing that has put a plunging stock market back into the green. Confidence is the missing ingredient.

Confidence in leadership that people feel will take appropriate action to make the market work again.

I think the American public has given up hope of the current administration doing anything more to fix this train wreck other than coordinating a hand-off and getting out of the way.

Everyone knows it will be the next President who will have to put out the fires and rebuild at this point. The ship of state has hit the reef and the new Captain and crew are stuck with repairing the damage.

Never before has the two month transition window looked so long. Much could happen during a transition, good and bad. On TV I just saw a report of a threat on a New York subway over the holidays.

There are significant Homeland Security risks during this transition beyond the financial cliffhanger. The combination of Afghanistan, Taliban, Al Qaida and Pakistan's nukes --all in two-countries sharing a border that resembles old Tucson (with NATO now playing Sheriff Wyatt Earp) are Exhibit "A." Exhibit "B" is Iran and North Korea.

The threats are known. But a Presidential transition also creates unique opportunities. I will giving a speech on "Homeland Security Threats and Opportunities" during the Presidential transition on Dec. 9 for NSTA.

Breaking News: I wrote the above BEFORE the following news broke today.

I have stayed at the Hotel Oberoi and Taj Mahal in India, which were attacked today by a terrorist group "Deccan Mujaheddin" - both are 5 Star hotels. Hostages are reported to be held and the targets were American and British. Over 80 killed. It's ongoing. My topic has happened even sooner than I expected...

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