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Friday, November 07, 2008

Hurricane and Blizzard Same Time - A First

We are witnessing a first in weather - a Hurricane and a Blizzard at the same time. It's a record number of Hurricanes, which are rare in November even though the season does not close until November 30.

Having a Hurricane AND a blizzard is really rare and bizarre at the same time. Get prepared folks.

I am in Dallas and heard on the TV that Ford Motor is hurting financially and has decided NOT to invest in new car designs, etc. NUTS! How does any business survive, especially a car company, by NOT investing in new technology? It's a death warrant decision. WHO is the "genius" that approved this idiotic strategy that guarantees failure?

Even our companies need a CHANGE in direction - and a big does of common sense. They need to invest in greener cars. Energy efficiency sells because it saves money. Ford is like a bloated bureaucracy that has lost touch with the entrepreneurial drive that has made the Japanese more successful in the American market than the American carmakers.

It proves that coddling industry does more harm than good. Because the Bush DC didn't force Detroit to get more fuel efficient, they never tried. So they had only bloated gas hog cars to sell, while the Japanese became more efficient and grabbed the lions share of the market with hybrid technology, etc. It's time we learned to be innovative again.

Got to run..

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