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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Crazy World

As I write, there are over 100,000 people -- Americans, foreigners, etc.-- stranded in Thailand because protesters have shut down the airport at Bangkok. Terrorists in India have blown away lives, both Indian and foreign.

It is a crazy world.

I was once trapped in Bangkok when I ran out of money on a trip during the 80's economic bust (which happened a LONG time ago). I have been a guest of both the Taj Mahal and Oberoi. So it is amazing for me to see this insanity sweep over the world. Terrorism is hitting in new places.

I once flew to Bangkok from Jakarta, Indonesia right after a 'coup de tat.' When i arrived, it was quiet and peaceful. A newsman had been shot to death, but the streets were normal. That was Thailand in the mid-80's. Today may not be much different.

Even in the U.S. things are nuts. Over Thanksgiving, two men (idiots) in a toy store pulled out guns and shot each other to death after an argument. It is another example of nutsy behavior. Shot for WHAT? A toy in a TOY store? How crazy is that?

And how crazy that people at a Wal Mart would stampede to death an employee in their rush to get the 'deal of the day' on "Black Friday." No one even stopped to help. How nuts is that? Is it worth someone dying over a deal on a TV?

I was at a Wal mart in Seabrook at 5:30 on "Black Friday" - and promptly left after finding the parking lot full and people already lined up 30 deep at the cash registers. I left, and resisted the impulse to grab a 32" HDTV that people were wheeling out in their stuffed shopping carts in the dark. LOL.

Kidnappings and shootings by drug cartels on the Texas-Mexican border are also getting more crazy, frequent and worse. They behead people like Al Qaeda. Thank god the two groups have nothing in common and no desire to work together (let's hope).

It is a crazy world. We need some strategic, smart leadership to deal with these crazy issues in the days ahead. Thank God we have some coming January 20th...

Even then it will be tough. And who knows what other crazy thing will pop up. Who would have guessed that India would be a target, or Americans and Brits sought out in a place like Bombay (vs. Baghdad).

I find most Americans totally unconscious about the reason for these events and their potential impact on our future. We have a LONG way to go to get through this.

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