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Saturday, November 01, 2008

I talked to my 80 year mom in Iowa today - and she's turning people to vote OBAMA! She's telling people that Palin is too risky for an old President, and we need a new economic direction! Her husband Gilbert also voted Obama.

I have NEVER seen her do anything like this before.

Yesterday, I discovered more damaged buildings where IKE had ripped apart enough of the windows to cause major internal damage. The Houston building I saw is owned by a billionaire Chinese real estate magnate. They had scaffolding filling the atrium to the roof. It looked like a moonscape inside, with huge machines blocking tenants doors and large hoses a foot or more in diameter running down halls and out windows.

IKE has proven to be a wake up call.

People no longer look at me like I'm from Mars when I talk about the need for window security to keep property from being severely damaged during a high-wind or blast event. But now that the economy has fallen off a cliff, we shall see what value people will put on security.

We will need it regardless who is elected next Tuesday.

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