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Monday, November 03, 2008

Day Before Historic Election

Photo: Sunrise this morning in Seabrook, looking at Clear Lake - with Galveston Bay across the bridge....A beautiful day, the day before an historic election regardless of selection - either the oldest President-Elect or America's first black President.

Tomorrow is it: If you haven't, GO VOTE! That is what makes America great.

Someone asked me: "If you are 50% white, why are you classified as black?" I don't know what the answer is; nor do I care. We focus too much on surface issues like color, religion or sex instead of real issues, like having a global economic game plan that gets us secure financially again.

It's time to get this election over with so we can open a new chapter of American history and move on with a new President.

The good news: When you look at the financial hole we are in, we have no way to go but up!

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