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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dallas - 20 million

I'm in Dallas for a convention.

Watching local TV, the local news reports that DART, their rail system has carried over 20 MILLION passengers since it started. Amazing.

A major success. It reminded me of the time I heard my Congressman at the time, Tom DeLay, tell his own constituents that "Dallas rail is a complete failure" which was a complete false picture of reality. But his people elected him even after he was indicted, as they seem to be doing with Ted Stevens in Alaska.

And because of him turning back over $100 million in rail money owed to Houston, our transit system lags Dallas' and most other cities in the U.S. This was shortsighted and damaged our mobility. In fact, since 80's Mayor Kathy Whitmire proposed a Monorail, Houston's rail mobility has been held back by subsequent leadership like Mr. DeLay.

Now we shall see what kind of representative Mr. Olson makes. He is a minority rep with no seniority; yet his district includes NASA. It's like a new crewmember showing up after the Exxon Valdez has run aground on the reef. A new Captain is in charge and the crewmember with an office in the basement won't really play a major role that Mr. Lampson could as a 10-year seniority member who was to be on the Science Committee funding NASA.

Not sure how it will play out but it can't help NASA or the cities whose funding are controlled by the majority Democrat party.

I read in the Dallas paper that the Democrats picked up more seats here also, except for a Commissioner's Court seat. Red Texas has big areas of blue spreading out.

Obama appears to be reaching out across the aisle and that is good - McCain is doing the same.

It is in our best interest that everyone help bail out the boat at this point.

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