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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"2 Sides"

Kevin comments that I mention only "two sides" on Laura Bush's trip. He has a point.

I was referring to the Jewish and Muslim conflict primarily, since that is the main event.

But Kevin is right in that there are some other sides - such as the minority Christians who make up about 10% of the population in some Mideast countries. In Jerusalem they are caught in the middle.

I once visited one of these few Christian churches in the hills outside Damascus when I was in Syria (child kidnapping case). It's back door was once the hidden, secret front door - the church dates back to the Rome empire when lions ate Christians.

But think about this: Because of Christian divisions, the keys to the Christian "Mecca," the Church of the HolySepulcher (check my spelling) in Jerusalem are held by two Muslim families, and have been for centuries. And it has worked great.

The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis have made it tough to celebrate Christmas and other holy events without risking bullets or bombs. Someday, all three will need to share the city and its history.

But that will depend on the first TWO sides working it out -Muslim and Jew. Laura Bush's trip was an attempted positive step in that direction. I hope she continues it regardless.

In church a couple Sundays ago I heard reference to the "Ambassadors of Reconciliation." That was what Laura Bush was, an Ambassador of Reconciliation.

I encourage more of it. The EFFORT is the important thing at this point.

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