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Monday, May 09, 2005


It is interesting what you see by observing people in action.

I went to a Hispanic Republican event last Thursday, May 5, for "Cinco de Mayo." I arrived late --and noticed a couple of interns walking around with clipboards wearing "Tom DeLay" stickers.

It turned out they were asking people to sign a "commitment" for Tom DeLay. From across the room, I watched them make their pitch to people at various tables, then I noticed a look of terror from the person approached, something like: "Oh my God, they want my signature! Egads!"

Maybe I was wrong about that look, but maybe not. When the young lady walked by me with her clipboard, I could not help but notice that -- despite her low cut dress -- that she had only about 3 signatures, despite a room full of party regulars (mostly non-Hispanic).

Since when do you need a commitment to run against a Democrat? What is DeLay afraid of if he is campaigning already--nine months before the March '06 primary?

Last year nearly 40% of the GOP primary voters skipped DeLay's name in his home county of Ft. Bend. The ones I met told me it was a protest statement.

I'm not even officially running and I'm getting attacked already in various blogs (I even link to those who don't like me). No, I didn't raise millions from lobbyists in my prior campaigns and no one paid for me to go golf in Scotland. Good. I don't want their money and I've already been around the world without lobbyists paying for it.

Instead, I represent the regular people of this district -- like the teachers who got royally screwed on their pensions by Rep. Delay last year. (Note: He did NOT cut his own pension. In fact, he gave himself a raise!). That move cost our kids a lot of good teachers, who had to retire early to keep what they had. This is not my idea of leadership. To see what Congress gives itself for retirement, see this article in the Houston Chronicle.

I expect that there will be a lot more attacks on me. Stay tuned.

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