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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bio Request from reader

A reader has requested a bio - we are working on a website with all that. In the meantime here is some bio info.

I've negotiated international agreements since the 1970's begining with the Fortune 500 but for the last 20 years I've focused on helping medium and small businesses start and grow. I've also produced international TV programs.

Some recent activities:
Charter Member, BOARD OF ADVISORS, Center of International
Business Studies, Texas A&M University (1985-2003).
· Board Member, InFocus. Non-profit corporation. Provides eye care to those most in
need due to poverty or geographical location. Helped start projects in India, Tanzania
· World Affairs Council Houston
· Volunteer - Captain, USAF Auxiliary, Mission Pilot qualified (Homeland security)
· Advisor, International Business Center, Houston Community College, Houston.
· Pilot (Private/Commercial ratings; Was one of the youngest pilots licensed in the 60's).· Developed International Legal Internet Network

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Fred said...

good luck. We all need it.

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