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Saturday, May 21, 2005

American Equality - If Earle Must Resign So Must DeLay

Republicans are calling on Austin DA Ronnie Earle to resign after he attended a Democrat fundraiser and made comments about Mr. DeLay, whom he is investigating.

If Republicans want Mr. Earle to resign for his conduct, then in fairness so should Mr. DeLay based on his growing list of ethical and financial lapses.

If a man robs a convenience store, it is a crime regardless of whether the perpetrator was a Democrat or a Republican --unless Congress has changed that rule so that unlawful actions only by one side are prosecuted!?

As a possible GOP opponent to Tom DeLay, I believe that Ronnie Earle made an ethical blunder by addressing a Democrat fundraiser about DeLay while pursuing indictments against Republicans associated with Mr. DeLay. Despite prosecuting more Democrats than Republicans, Mr. Earle lost the appearance of impartiality.

Rules should apply equally to all regardless of party. Mr. DeLay has already stacked the deck in the Congress ethical process, by pulling GOP members who voted against him on his other ethics problems -- and stacking the next jury panel with new members who have taken money from him. Want to guess the outcome?

So an outside investigator is needed, but not one who makes partisan speeches.

American equality requires that if one has to resign, so should the other.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

American equality requires that if one has to resign, so should the other.

This is some tongue-in-cheek Fort Bend County schtick that I'm obviously not understanding, right?

Earle should recuse himself because he was discussing a political case with partisans, and making inflammatory statements about a person under investigation.

Tom DeLay might be investigated by the ethics committee and certainly is being investigated by major news media, yet they're coming up with nothing.

You can't be serious about resignation.