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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Some GOP Members Fighting Against Chemical Plant Security

It is strange sometimes what people oppose. Some GOP members are fighting against a bill that would provide chemical plant security where there is presently NONE.

More people would be killed in a chemical 9 11 attack than the original 9 11.

The Department of Homeland Security has warned that a single chlorine tank explosion could kill 17,500 people, according to stats are in a recent NYT article. Houston is the Grand Central Station of the country's chemical industry. MILLIONS of people live within miles of these plants.

So why would a GOP (or any) member of Congress actually BLOCK a bill to require Chemical plants to avoid a terrorist 9-11 attack? A NYT reporter was able to walk around entire plants for a half hour without being questioned. They walked right up to a chlorine tank holding 90 tons of the stuff. That means any nut can walk up and set off something that would threaten the health of millions of people in the Houston area.

And certain members of Congress are leaving that door wide open. Joe Baron is one mentioned in the article. So where is DeLay on this?

Parts of Congress District 22 - my district presently held by DeLay, includes Deer park, Clear Lake, Pasadena—which is basically refinery/chemical row. It is not just Ft Bend and sunny Sugar Land and Pearland. This district includes areas that would by high on a domestic Al Qaeda target list. Or worse, a local nut like the one the FBI caught trying to sell bomb-making secrets, could easily take advantage of our loose chemical plant security.

So people need to ask Joe Barton and any other member of Congress who concurs with him:

"Why are you opposing the Chemical Plant Security Bill?"

I support the bill.

I've done terrorism consulting in the past and we have left out chemical plant security. Industry is fighting it to save a few bucks and some members are backing them. I side with the millions who could be injured or worse unless this security bill takes effect. It's not fool proof, nothing is, but it is better than leaving tankers wide open for any zealot to light up.

This legislation is a no brainer guys.

Got to run...

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