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Monday, May 23, 2005

Influence Trading & the American Terrorist

A letter appeared in today's Galveston Daily News about Rep. DeLay taking contributions from a company that wanted to get into NASA.

Apparently Delay wanted Trane to get a $7 million contract and apparently Trane people made several $1,000 payments to DeLay. Influence peddling? You tell me.
Now we face “white American” terrorists! Today in Houston TV reports that a Pennsylvania man was arrested at a hotel after offering to provide bomb material to what he thought were Al Qaida operatives. They were really FBI agents. The man was a white male, Midwest American. He claimed he could provide a "fusion bomb."

When the agents said they wanted to kill a lot of Americans, the man said basically "he was ok with that." It's pretty sorry when Americans are willing to sell death technology to people claiming to be terrorists.

This guy is another Tim McVeigh type willing to sell his soul to kill his own people, in this case for money. Wouldn’t it be a sad day if the next attack is made possible by an American providing the weapons?

And this news. It turns out that the real terrorists (Hezbollah) are distributing a CD showing how to make suicide bombs, mines, etc. Pandora's high tech bomb box is opening. Too little is happening to shut it down.

What has happened to ethics and common sense? Sell your vote, influence or bomb to the highest bidder… Things need to change ASAP.

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