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Friday, March 31, 2006

Skeletons Falling Out of the Closet

Another DeLay ex-aide pled guilty today to conspiracy. This is the federal investigation, not connected to Ronnie Earle in Austin. The skeletons are rattling in the closet.

As evidence of the slide in moral values, DeLay has GOP types like Jerry Patterson now saying how it is a shame an indicted Congressman can't carry a gun! Patterson is basically saying EVERYONE (including Congressmen) indicted on a felony (like the bank robbers, etc.) should be allowed to keep their concealed guns despite the indictment!

How pro-criminal is that? What kind of moral values is DeLay promoting here?

A Congressman who appeals his gun suspension (as DeLay has done) apparently feels he is above the law; that it should not apply to him.

Since the law has become inconvenient, apparently he wants the law changed so either, choose one (1) "everyone EXCEPT indicted Congressman shall have their concealed carry license suspended"... or, to avoid that equal protection problem:
(2) : "All indicted felons shall not have their licenses suspended to carry concealed weapons of all sizes"...

Ummm. Somehow that doesn't make sense to me. I am trying to see how any of this relates to improving our moral values....? Umm. Get indicted; carry your gun anyway.

Let's call a spade a spade: it is nuts to allow indicted felons to continue carrying a gun license (if they had one), regardless of their position in the food chain. That's not bitter; just common sense. Duh.

Moral values have been twisted into strange shapes under this person's influence. He is even corrupting the thinking of normally rational Republicans like Mr. Patterson.

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