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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Army Logic is Killing Our Troops

The U.S. army seems to be in another world from reality. American troops are being killed by RPG’s – rocket propelled grenades –in Iraq. Right now, there is nothing to stop one from hitting a U.S. vehicle once launched.

However, our ally Israel has developed an operational system called “Trophy” that shoots down RPG’s before they kill troops. It works. It is available TODAY.

Yet the army decision maker geniuses above them want to wait until 2011 to put a defensive system into operation to protect troops from RPG’s! Army engineers have approved Trophy but not the geniuses who want to protect a U.S. contractor more than our troops.

In the Army’s upside down logic, it’s better to spend billions and wait years for the arrival of an American system—to be build for $150 billion by Raytheon-- rather than using an available Israeli system. This is nuts. How many troops will die because of this strange “Alice in Wonderland” thinking?

How is this supporting U.S. troops?

Someone in the army hierarchy needs to face court martial for gross stupidity and indifference. Apparently the army brass thinks it is more important to give the business to Raytheon and let troops die for the next 5 years instead of protecting them NOW with currently available life-saving technology supplied by Israel.

It explains why this war is going badly and why recruitment rates are down.

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