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Friday, January 26, 2007

An Hour with Congressman Lampson

I ended up spending an informative hour today with our new CD22 Congressman Nick Lampson today. It is great having a representative who is down-to-earth, focused on solutions and not arrogant.

Nick is very thoughtful and is interested in helping CD22 get the transportation and security options that were ignored or delayed by the former Congressman (who remains under indictment). As a result we are a decade behind in our commuter rail – and short over $100 million that Houston would have received, except for Mr. DeLay’s striking it from Houstons Metro -- and giving it to other cities like Dallas who are now ahead of Houston. Ft. Bend has tens of thousands of commuters to the Medical center and downtown that could have used it to cut the increasingly clogged freeways.

We briefed Nick on the International Festival for Ft. Bend County that some of us have set up as a non-profit entity. More on that later. In the meantime, I believe that we have a great representative for CD 22. Normally CD 22 would have a representative from the minority party. As it stands, we have a rep with the majority in Congress. When it comes to the good of the district (getting road/rail funds, etc.), that is very important.

Oh yes, despite her close call with the Minou’s “Paws of Death” yesterday, she escaped without a scratch.


Anonymous said...

When was the last time Ft Bend was represented by the minority party...Your a idiot....a republican right...How..please advise.

Texas Viking said...

I'm not sure I understand your comment. Ft Bend is being represented today by the majority party - but if it elects a Republican in 2008 it loses that advantage and would have a minority Congressman with zero seniority. Now that would be idiotic for the district, yes.

(For the record, I'm a Centrist - not a lefty or righty).

Anonymous said...

Capt' - I dont like this kind of talk. This kind of complacency will get you no where (didn't you listen to Tom DeLay's farwell speech). I hope you run in '08. I've been voting for you since 2000 and planned on doing so for years to come.

Mike say it ain't so?

Texas Viking said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the vote of confidence but sorry, but I have no plans to run in 2008.

CD22 voters had their chance with me and elected an indicted Representative and then sent in Sekula Gibbs to look like goofy Rep No. 2, so I think its time to head for greener pastures...