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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

When the World is a Mess, Save Somebody

If this one day of ice was our worst ice storm of the season, we will be very lucky. My wife says the one ten years ago was much worse – nearly a whole week of ice. I totally missed it so it doesn’t exist. I had just left for South Africa (which is having summer now) and had no idea. The whole thing happened while I was gone.

I say this: “When the World is a Mess, Save somebody." A few days ago my wife discovered a puppy at our vet that had been found living under a house with her mother and siblings. They may not have survived this last storm. Fortunately, a lady who cares found them. Thank god for people like her.

Since we lost Henri several months ago, our other dog Lex has seemed lonely and bored. I’ve been busy but noticed that she wasn’t eating much. So we adopted 3 month old “Paloma” – (in photo) Spanish for “Dove.” She was the last one left. She is a white fur ball mess. She was soon into Lex’s food and Lex suddenly became very interested in what was happening to it.

If you are interested in my latest article “Time for a Surge in Diplomacy” here is the link:

People interested in getting Global American articles have to add themselves to the mail list at that location. I don't add people. So far, more sign up than drop off, so the list keeps growing.

Weird weather. What’s next?

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