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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Arnie & the Women for President '08

The Chinese curse is "May you live in interesting times." It is definitely becoming interesting....

It is becoming a "Cast of Thousands" – The Prez Race of '08 is ON.

One person I wish was running for President is someone who has been coming up with innovative solutions on pressing issues from greenhouse gases to our future needs. CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would be a great President.

Why? Because he’s a common sense, creative Centrist with innovative ideas on addressing these major issues in a bipartisan, solution-focused manner.

But under the U.S. Constitution, Austrian-born Arnie is not eligible to run for or be President. That is a shame. He has been doing tremendous job in bringing California into a leadership role in 21st Century issues. He also has the critical global background a President and his/her team must have if our country is to succeed in a techno-global 21st century in which more and more countries control their own nuclear and space technology.

Should the rule be changed? Maybe.

It won’t happen before 2008 so the next best thing is the Gov’s wife running for him!? We already have our first possible woman President as an official candidate, but we need more. There are no women candidates for President on the GOP side so far. Why not?

I have come to the inconvenient conclusion that it will probably take having the women in charge to civilize this planet anyway. Raw facts are facts. The men haven’t managed it after several thousand years in command --and we seem to be further away than closer to it.

So what do we have to lose by giving the Presidency to a globally experienced woman? For that reason I’d like to see several more women candidates running for President in ’08.

On the home front Paloma, the white fur ball puppy, is going at warp speed. Lex, former beta dog has shifted to adult “mama dog” setting limits. Paloma is a blur bouncing off the walls.

So are the growing "cast of thousands" running for President of this great country in 2008.

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