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Friday, January 05, 2007

Get all Americans on a routine health program

History was made yesterday in America. The first ever woman was made speaker of the house. Instead of being sworn into the new Congress, I was getting my first ever colonoscopy.

Both went smoothly. Both were significant.

Which was more important? Both.

Because without health, what do we have? At 57, it was past time to get checked.

It was painless. It was simple. It took only a couple hours of time. The doctor found nothing to be concerned about. Others have found dangerous polyps. Many have died because they never got checked, so I encourage everyone to make it part of ongoing health maintenance.

Rep. Nick Lampson from my district in Texas (CD22) recently felt ill at dinner and had to be rushed to a hospital. It turned out to be a clogged artery. It was easily repaired and now he’s doing great.

We should treat people like aircraft, not cars. Pilots learn that you fix things on airplanes before they break; is a routine. People often wait for the part to fail to fix their car.

Preventive medicine is essential. Waiting can be too late. Everyone should be on a schedule to get certain annual/bi-annual checks.

How else to get warnings of life threatening problems?

History was made. Now what is important is bipartisan cooperation replacing mindless partisanship. We need solutions to common ground problems, from energy to Iraq.

I propose that Congress consider a way to get all Americans on a routine health program.

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