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Monday, November 19, 2007


I was driving south on Space Center Blvd and drove right into a cloud of fog at Bay Area Blvd that apparently extends out to sea, a "sea fog" according to my TV weather guru. For the first time, it is impossible to see the lake which is less than 100 feet away.

It is like being in a cloud of white mist in which nothing is visible much beyond your nose.

I was thrilled I had scored a deal on a TomTom a few days ago -- so I could see the curves coming in the road on its screen -- even in the fog or at night. It points out ATM's and gas stations, etc. What a cool device. And I got one for only $150. I even found a restaurant using it to guide me to a meeting, knowing which exit to take instead of guessing and wasting time in Houston's gridlock.

I see that Mr. Negroponte went to Pakistan but was silent about Musharraf reinstating the Pakistan Supreme Court. Why? Why aren't we supporting the lawyers and justices that a democracy needs? Very strange...

Like the fog, sometimes I think people fail to see what is in front of them. If I were President the United States would be insisting on Musharraf treating each branch with respect, including the Supreme Court. We made this same mistake with the Shah of Iran, and were "surprised" when he went down to Khomeini.

I see the same mistake being made again with Musharraf.

We need a Pakistan policy that advance moderates, who are the majority there (not radicals). Instead, we have a "bet on one man" policy that plays into the hands of the fringe and does nothing to build a democratic future. Without it, we are at nuclear risk. Pakistan is far more dangerous than Iran will ever be.

But, like the fog, people sometimes don't see things until it is too late...we can't afford that mistake in the nuclear age.

And unfortunately a TomTom can't guide us on this uncharted territory...


Donna said...

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Texas Viking said...

THANKS. It was nice to unplug for awhile...:0)