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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Why Do They Hate Us?

This subject came up during a recent GOP debate. The question was basically: "Why Do They Hate Us?" referring to the common held belief by Americans that people around the world don't like us. Here is an excerpt from an article:

Right now 65,000 Mexicans in Tabasco – less than 2 hours flying time from Houston – have been on rooftops escaping flood waters since last Thursday. The scenes and reactions are similar to Katrina two years
ago. Have you seen our leadership on TV, looking concerned and promising to send our southern neighbor as many emergency helicopters and relief supplies as they need? Do we have groups sending private aid to Mexico like we did after Katrina and the Asian Tsunami?

Or are the weekend football games we enjoy more important than 65,000 people and their pets waiting for help on their roofs—without food and water, their jobs and businesses washed away? Or is it just untimely
to have these disasters fall on a weekend?"

The full article, and proposed solutions, can be found at:

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