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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Texas Hide Inspector office - Making a Big Differene in the World

Photo: Pakistani soldiers - No exposure to U.S. Bodes Trouble with Nukes

You'll be sad to know that Texas has voted to abolish the office of "Inspector of Hides and Animals" - a nonpaying office in places like Ft. Bend which allowed the officeholder to ride in the annual parade, and that's about it.

Well, that's another lost job, but it didn't go to China. No longer will we see pitched battles in future primaries for the job. I recall one year when three people ran the be the "Hide Inspector." I should have picked it instead of a run for Congress.

Speaking of which, I see that we cut off contact with Pakistan's military for a decade in 1990 -- now there is a group of senior military officers that were not exposed to the U.S. or European cultures, and are more sympathetic to the "jihadists." These guys will eventually control Pakistan's 30 plus nuclear warheads. They grew up in an insular Pakistan -- as isolated from the world as someone who never left Crawford, Texas before taking office.

That is why supporting moderates like Ms. Bhutto and elections is in our best interests. By supporting Musharraf we are setting up the same thing that happened to the Shah of Iran when Khomeini knocked him out -- but unlike Iran this country already has nukes.

We need to get smart fast. Getting rid of our Inspectors of Hides and Animals won't make much of a difference in the world. It misses the point when you consider what is happening in the world that impacts our/your future in the nuclear age. We should be having those Pakistani officers visit the U.S. -- and get to know us -- ASAP.

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