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Monday, November 12, 2007

Nigeria could become a target for militant Islamists?

Will Nigeria become one of the next targets for militant Islamists? Nigeria is oil rich and is divided between the Muslim north and Christian south. Some arrests have been made.

Nigeria is a trouble spot because it is already well known in the oil business for kidnapping oil workers and taking over platforms -- who are then released alive after some kind of payment is made, and then the whole game cycle is repeated. The immense poverty in the oil lands is the root cause. If Islamists take over people might start losing their heads.

If we don't see that these issues get addressed, eventually there will be more extremism. People see great wealth around them, yet Nigeria's corrupt system keeps it in the hands of a few at the top. So people get desperate and break into oil lines to get fuel.

Right now, the biggest threat to our security is Pakistan, which has nuclear missiles and an unstable situation. Our own government is supporting a military man over the country's legal system and lawyers.

I call on American lawyers, and all Americans interested in our security, to get involved to help the Pakistani attorneys who are the true freedom fighters here -- fighting for a justice system and democracy that will keep the country from going to the extreme.

We have to do the same in Nigeria, which has no nukes, for the same reason.

Our leadership has done neither.

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