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Friday, November 16, 2007

More Chinese Studying English Than Americans

I recently got to hear Houston's superstar trendspotter, Dr. Stephen Klineberg, who gave a summary of demographic trends in America.

One thing he said that was fascinating is that there are more Chinese in China studying English than there are Americans studying English in the U.S. He said that Latinos are studying English faster than European immigrants did, "including his Yiddish Grandmother who never learned English."

He is pretty funny. And on target. Check out a couple clips of Dr. Klineberg's comments on immigration at a talk he gave to the League of Women Voters last week...If it doesn't work on this blog it may still be on the League of Women Voters website at

Yesterday, I went to Trent Internationale School in Sugar Land and saw the future of America. They are part of the face of the new America that Dr. Klineberg also talked about. I'll post some photos as soon as I get them. These kids are being taught the skills they will need for success in a global, high-tech, space-race 21st Century.

China's goal is to beat us back to the Moon. They might do it unless the President gives NASA the funding it needs. And it will be the kids coming from places like Trent Internationale that help keep America leading the world for generations yet to come.

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